The Auto-linking feature is a tool that automatically inserts links for preset keywords. It uses Linky's advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure the links are optimized.

Features & Control:

- Pause Auto-Insertion: If you made an error, you can pause or adjust settings.

- Bulk Changes: Easily make group adjustments.


- Keywords: Assign one or multiple keywords to a target link.

- Bulk Upload: Use a CSV to add multiple links at once.

- Parameters: Set specific conditions for your auto-links such as:

- Type: Select specific post types or use all by default.

- Category: Pick categories or apply to all.

- Publication Date: Specify date ranges or default to all dates.

- End Date: Decide when auto-linking should stop.

- Max Links: Set a limit on the number of auto-links.

- Unique Anchors: Ensure only one anchor per keyword in a post.

- Existing Links: Choose whether Linksy should add a link if one already exists.

- Approval: Manual approval option before auto-links are inserted.

How to Use Auto-linking:

Add Individually:

1. Click "Add Auto-link".

2. For multiple keywords, input them line-by-line or comma-separated.

3. Provide the target link and set parameters.

4. Click "Add links".

Add in Bulk:

To use the bulk upload feature, prepare your keywords in one of the following formats:

Sample 1: Place each keyword in its own cell within a column and the corresponding target link in the next column.

Sample 2: List multiple keywords in a single cell, separated by commas and the target link in the adjacent cell.

For optimal performance, we recommend uploading in batches of approximately 100 keywords at a time.

1. Click "Add Auto-link".

2. Use "Bulk upload" to insert a prepared CSV file.

3. Adjust parameters as needed.

4. Click "Add links".



- Use the Ajax search like on other pages.


- Keywords: Start, stop, undo, or remove.

- Source: Edit, view, or undo.

Bulk Actions:

You can perform actions on multiple keywords simultaneously.

Note: All link suggestion settings on the Settings page also apply to auto-linking.

Enjoy seamless and efficient linking with Linky!