Linksy has a simple yet beautiful dashboard for quick actions. You can take a sneak peek of all the built-in features on the dashboard for some actionable summaries of Post stats, Anchor cloud, Domain report, Keyword rating, and Link stats.

Linksy Plugin Dashboard Overview

1. Post Stats

The post stats shows the number of published posts on your site with the amount our we have synced onto our server and the instances of any error.

Total Published

This is the total post published on your site. Our plugin only consider the published posts for use.

Crawled and Synced

The crawled and synced is the number of posts we have processed for link suggestions on our server.

Crawled With Errors

Sometimes, some weird characters and elements do affect the syncing process. When they happen, you will see this number but you don't have to do anything as our system would have caught the error and fix it. Clicking the Refresh button should fix the error after some minutes. If this persists, kindly open a support ticket.

2. Anchors Cloud

The anchors cloud displays all the anchors pointing to internal pages on your site. Anchors linking to external pages are not considered here because we rate every anchor against its target internal link, which we are not doing with external sites at this time.

Total Number

A total number of anchors pointing to internal pages of your site.


The anchors only appear once across the site.


The duplicate anchors are the anchors that appear twice and more across the site.

3. Most Linked to Domains

This helps with the statistics of the external sites your website is linking to.

Your site URL will not show here on purpose but will show on the Domains report page.

Domain URL - Pages: 734 - Links: 1259

The section only lists the top 5 domains with the number of pages and their combination of links.

4. Link Stats

Link Stats shows a quick overview of all the links on all pages of your site.

Links Found

This is the total number of both internal and external links.

Internal Links

The total number of links pointing to pages within your site.

External Links

The total number of links pointing to external sites.

Orphaned Posts

The total number of posts with no inbound internal links.

5. Keyword Rating

This section provided a quick overview of the ratings of every set focus keyword against their posts. Upon installation, the ratings need to be calculated and the time for completion depends on your site's posts count. The text "Getting ready" is shown while the systme calculates the ratings for all published posts.

Overall Score

The overall score is an average of all the scores. It's calculated thus: (sum of all scores/number of posts).


The number of posts with 70+ ratings.


The number of posts with 50 to 69 ratings.


The number of posts with 30 to 49 ratings.


The number of posts with 0 to 29 ratings.

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