Linksy's report page has two tabs; the "internal links report" and the "domains report."

Both tabs have the filter options you will love.

Table of contents:

Internal Links Report

Domains Report

The internal links report tab displays all the published posts on your site with their published dates, word counts, and internal link data with filters and export options. You can filter the posts by combining some or all of these filters: Post type, Category, Word Count, Internal links, and External links.

The Filter Button

The filter button is programmed to perform all filter actions. Click on the filter button whenever you set some filter options, so you can get the result on the table. You don't need to click the filter button for use with the Search box, the Orphaned Filter, and the Export button as they work independently.

Search box

The search box is primarily to search the title. Type in your search input in the search box and the result is displayed as you type, all thanks to its Ajax search functionality.

Orphaned Filter

The Orphaned filter function is preconfigured to display all orphaned posts on your site. The table loads all orphaned posts as soon as the Orphaned filter button is clicked.

Export Button

The export function is programmed to respect the data on the table so you can get the exact data you want. Apply all the filters you want then go ahead to choose the columns you want.

To see a detailed explanation Export function, go to this page.

Post Type

The launch version is limited to just two post types (Post and Page) with later upgrades allowing you to choose the post types you want to use across the pages of Linksy.

The Post option is set by default. You can choose any of the All, Page or Post options as you wish.


The category option only works for Posts. And you can choose more than one category at a time. The default is set to show all categories.

Word Count

Use the word count function to limit the data to a word count range. Simply type in the minimum count on the left input and the maximum on the right. The minimum and maximum can be the same number but the left input must not be greater than the right input, otherwise the box will be styled to show a warning.

Published Date

You can filter the data on the page and other pages of Linksy by applying a set published date. You can use the Presets dates or add a custom date.

Inbound Internal Links

The Inbound Internal Links input box is to filter the inbound internal links. The inbound internal links are the links a post gets from other posts on the same site.

The number on the left must be equal to or higher than the number on the right.

Outbound Internal Links

The Outbound Internal Links input box is to filter the outbound internal links. The outbound internal links are the links a post sends to other posts on the same site.

The number on the left must be equal to or higher than the number on the right.

External Links

The External Links input box is to filter the external links. The external links are the links a post sends to other posts on other sites (external sites).


The pagination is set to show ten rows on a page. When you want to show more rows, click on the number by the Rows per page text and change it.

Domains Report

The Domains report page showcases all of the internal and external links on your website's pages, along with their link metrics for easy analysis. You can see the number of links you send to another domain from your website alongside their sources.

The pages column by the right shows a quick summary of how many pages of your site send links to the domain on the title column by the left. 

From the image above, two pages of the site send a total of three links to Opening the summary displays the complete information about the two pages, as seen in the image below.

The source page is displayed first, followed by the anchor and the target link.

The Filters

Search box

The search box can be used to search for domain URLs, or page titles and links. Simply click on the All option to reveal the choices.


Choose the post types of your choice.


Choose the categories of your choice. You can choose multiple categories at a time.


You can filter the data by extension. Simply type in the extension with the preceding dot. E.g. ".com".

Export Button

Use the export button to download the data displayed on the table.

To learn how it works, read this full guide about the export button.