The "Add inbound links" page simplifies the process of adding onsite inbound links, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content. It also has a convenient quick-apply feature that helps you easily select the best link suggestions.

Suggested Posts

This is the welcome screen to the "Add inbound links" page. The suggested posts are posts with the lowest number of inbound internal links, with orphaned posts displayed first when you have them on your website.

You can choose any of the suggested posts or search for any post to add links to, instead of the suggested ones.

Inbound Internal Link Suggestion Table


The apply button is disabled until you choose a suggestion to apply. Choose some suggested titles to link from then click the apply button to set the links to the target page.

Quick Apply

The Quick Apply feature allows you to easily apply the top suggestions without having to select them individually. To use it, simply click the button, enter the number of suggestions you want to apply, and then click the Apply button.

Grid or List View

The table is initially set to display the List view. If you prefer, you can switch to the Grid view instead.

More Suggestions

Every title comes with at least one recommended keyword, with the top choice displayed by default. If you want to view other options on the list, simply click the chevron icon to expand the list. Note that this icon will only appear if there are multiple suggested keywords within the source post.

Target Post Info

The post that you are adding inbound links to, known as the target post, is located on the right side of the table. Below it, you will find the link information, including the number of inbound internal links, outbound internal links, and external links. When you apply a suggestion, the count for the inbound internal links will update immediately.


The summary on the side panel provides a brief overview of the suggested keywords. If there are multiple options available for a suggested title, only the first one is taken into consideration. The keywords are divided into four categories: Great, Good, Average, and Poor. The number on the right indicates the total number of keyword suggestions for each group, and the number on the left of the dash shows the number of suggestions that have been checked but have not yet been applied. For example, the picture above shows "1/4" next to the Great option, which means there are four titles with great suggestions and one has been checked.

Title Search

You can use the search feature to quickly locate a specific title from the suggested ones. Simply type a few characters into the search box and choose from the list of titles that contain the search term.


The "Back to Links Report" button will take you to the Internal Links report page, while the "Next orphaned" button will load the next orphaned post on your site until there are no more orphaned posts remaining. This feature enables you to easily navigate and review all of the orphaned posts on your site, so you can easily add inbound links to them.